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2020 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Buying Guides – Laserworks LW1000 PRO

2020 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Buying Guides – Laserworks LW1000 PRO

Laser rangefinders give golfers identify flag accuracy and that is just one of the factors several golf players favor them over more simplified GPS watches as well as various other smaller systems.

They additionally generally operated on batteries and so can be left in your bag in between games for a much more convenient individual experience than GPS units, which require normal billing.

If you’re especially in search of a brand-new laser rangefinder, we’ve obtained you covered with this guide to the most effective models on the market. They do come with a cost, yet then so does a new top-end motorist, and also a few of the new innovation is a life-saver out on the program.

2020 Best Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Laser Golf Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-1

New for 2020 comes Bushnell’s Tour V5, as well as V5, Shift laser rangefinder. Both come packed with innovation such as Bite innovation which is a magnetic install as well as Pinseeker with visual JOLT technology which is a red ring that flashes as JOLT vibrates to offer the golf player also better comments and also the confidence to recognize they have locked onto the flag. Both also have a Fast Focus System and also are accurate to within one yard. The distinction between the Tour V5 and the Shift is that the Shift features a brand-new as well as better slope formula and also Slope-Switch innovation which enables the user to transform the slope feature on or off.

Nikon Coolshot 80 VR Laser Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-2

This laser’s Vibration-Reduction feature maintains the target stable in the viewfinder to reduce measuring mistakes. It charms for a variety of factors, not least because it’s so portable and rests conveniently in your hand– something that appears simple, but is most importantly essential. The display is basic, very easy to see as well as is assisted by a focus underneath the eyepiece.

GolfBuddy Laser 1 Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-3

Laser 1 as well as Laser 1S provide laser measuring efficiency at a lower price factor. Both models are light-weight with an ergonomic and flashy design. They supply 6 x zoom as well as a larger LCD screen to make certain much better exposure of dimensions and attribute 3 various targeting modes conventional, check, as well as a pin. With resonance choice to verify the target lock and a one-click check feature, the simpleness of use is at the heart of the layout. The Laser 1ST varies by featuring a Slope function to make up any incline in the terrain in between golf enthusiasts and also a target.

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders currently provide a lot more functions than ever before and also none personify this trend much better than the Bushnell Pro XE. Many elements influence the range the round will certainly take a trip and exactly how much the pin is away from you. The new Pro XE takes a lot more of these into account, including temperature and also altitude along with Slope, to provide you an unprecedented degree of accuracy on compensated yardages.

Unquestionably these attributes aren’t legal for competition use, however a switch on the side quickly as well as easily disables them for your monthly medal. In event play, you can gain from the improved PinSeeker with Visual Jolt feature, on which a red ring now shows up through the viewfinder along with a vibrating burst when the flag has actually been discovered from the history. This added reassurance needs to increase your self-confidence regarding the club required for the upcoming shot. Another one-of-a-kind attribute of the Pro XE is the Bite magnetic install. This allows it to have stayed with almost anything metallic, one of the most convenient of which is the structure of a buggy. Hope this article could help you find the best laser rangefinder golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Laserworks LW1000 PRO Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder

Well, for this rangefinder, all I can say is that it looks good, but the features were even better. As I tried the Laser Works LW1000 Pro, it revealed a lot of qualities that make it a good choice for hunters.

If you thought it couldn’t get any smaller, here’s a rangefinder that can embarrass a candy bar for its length! This rangefinder will be a good sports partner for all hunters and golfers too!

Many users claim that the features of this rangefinder are much more in value than the price of this device. However, we set out to judge it ourselves, and all that we observed is that it is compact, accurate, and yes, good for the price!

This device comes with a lanyard to carry it around for easy access. If you hold this compact rangefinder and peer through it, the magnification is impressive. You can measure distances and even target smaller objects.

The unique modes of LaserWorks LW1000 PRO display vertical and horizontal distances. This feature makes it a golfer’s weapon as it helps assess the trajectory. Hope this laser rangefinder hunting review could help you find the best suitable rangefinder for yourself.

Volvik V1 Golf Range Finder

Volvik introduced its V1 rangefinder last year and it comes with a range of technologies to help you get the right yardage every time. First, it features a Pin Finder function, which is capable of calculating distances from five to 1,200 yards to within a yard.

Additionally, it comes with ‘Slope Compensation’ mode which takes into account elevation changes to ensure you are always getting the right yardage. Finally, Volvik has introduced ‘Priority First Goal’, which allows the user to measure specific objects like flags and bunkers. Hope this article could help you find the best laser rangefinder golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Garmin Approach Z82 Rangefinder

The Approach Z82 provides 2-D overlays for both full-color Course View and Green View detail through the lens. When looking through the viewfinder, a full-color 2-D Course View mapping is displayed on the left-hand side of the lens view, showing distances to hazards and the green. The flag finder feature will lock on the flag and give precise distances to the pin.

The Laser Range Arc will be drawn on the green at the distance ranged to the flag, so the golfer can see if the pin is in the front, middle, or back of the green. The arc can also be used to see what else is in play when ranging other targets on the course. There’s also a PlaysLike Distance feature that accounts for slopes and PinPointer feature, which points to the middle of the green on blind shots. Hope this article could help you find the best laser rangefinder golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Easy Green 1,300 Yard Golf Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-6

With a range of 1,300 yards and accurate to within one yard, EasyGreen’s 1300 model is an entry-level laser that comes with ‘Slope Compensation Technology’ which allows greater accuracy when measuring inclines and declines. It also vibrates when locking onto the flag, comes with a premium carry case, and with an RRP of less than £200, it is considerably cheaper than most of its competitors.

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

The Bushnell Hybrid combines laser and GPS yardages together. Exact distances to the pin are provided through the Hybrid’s laser function powered by a CR2 battery, while a GPS display on the side, powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, delivers front, middle and back yardages to help when golfers have blind shots or need quicker, more general information. The Hybrid also boasts PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, providing short, vibrating bursts to isolate the target and lock onto the flag. Hope this article could help you find the best laser rangefinder golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Laser Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-5

Compact and weighing just 130g, it features a First Target Priority algorithm that measures the distance to the closest of overlapping subjects to pick out the flag and other hazards more easily. It can also measure continuously for up to eight seconds when scanning the terrain.

Zoom Focus X Rangefinder

laser rangefinder golf-4

New rangefinder brand Zoom has introduced its first product, the Focus X. It has a multitude of premium features, such as premium optics and six times magnification as well as Slope adjusted distance technology that measures distances adjusted to compensate for the elevation of the target. Given the quality of the product, it is surprising to see it come with a modest RRP of £219.99. Hope this article could help you find the best laser rangefinder golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.


During my quest for the right rangefinder, I realized that various factors might make a range finder the right pick for me, while it may not suit you.

However, the factors to consider before you pay for the purchase are all the same! Try to check all the points in the guide and then choose the rangefinder that hits home on all points.

Whether you like technical gadgets or you are a simple hunter, a rangefinder remains an essential tool to improve the sport.

Magnification, range, ballistics, and the clear image are all equally important. Once you own a range finder that performs out there, you will never go hunting without it. A rangefinder may be considered an accessory, but it is essential if you want to return with some meat!

To learn more information about hunting and outdoors news, kindly visit our home page or our store, you will find more hunting tips and experiences. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Thanks for reading!

For me, hunting is already one of the most important things in my life. Every year I spend a long time on outdoor hunting with my friends. In my nearly 20 years of hunting lives, I have encountered many interesting things, and I would love to share it with you guys. Hope it could be useful during your hunting season.


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