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5 Best Cheap Rangefinder For Golf: Laserworks LW1000 PRO

5 Best Cheap Rangefinder For Golf: Laserworks LW1000 PRO

Ok, if you want a rangefinder, but don’t want to break the bank. You could be surprised to hear that you in fact have a whole lot a lot more remarkable alternatives than you believe. I have put together what I assume are the best budget golf rangefinders to buy.

What classes as a budget plan rangefinder? Well, it can depend. I did a message a few weeks ago for the best rangefinders under $200. To be straightforward, a great deal of them will feature in this checklist.

But what I will attempt and also do is course budget plan as under $250? Exactly how does that sound? They will certainly vary from $110 to $250.

The factor I intend to push out to $250 is that number is still half the cost of the premium versions like the Bushnell Models.

However, a $250 budget plan likewise allows me to suit some ‘budget’ rangefinders when you consider the cost of the rangefinder with the features it has.

I have started a lot of times that having a golf rangefinder can be the best point any kind of golfer can get regardless of ability degree. Below is what I feel are the very best budget plan golf rangefinders you can acquire right now.

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

I have compiled a list of what I feel are the best cheap golf rangefinders but also considered other things other than price. Along with the price I took into account the features they provide, performance, and more.

I have limited to 5 options that I feel could be a good fit for you.

1. Precision Pro Golf Nexus

best cheap rangefinder golf-1

The Precision Pro Golf Nexus Rangefinder is one of the very best inexpensive golf laser rangefinders readily available to get.

It’s so easy to use. Simply a factor, as well as click as well as you, have your yardage. Precision Golf hit the ground running when they set up their firm to create economical rangefinders that do well.

The Precision Nexus has actually amazing. Precision’s hallmark lime eco-friendly design is evident in this rangefinder. The wonderful ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand with built-in holds for added control.

The Precision Nexus (Amazon Affiliate Link) is exceptionally easy to use and carries out actually well for a supposed ‘budget rangefinder for golf’. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

The Nexus utilizes Precision’s Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) that scans objects in your line of vision. What this does is focus on your target as well as ensures it uses the very first target acquired– for instance the flagstick and not the trees behind it.

With a 400 yardage range, every flag you have an opportunity of reaching will certainly be available. You can set the Nexus to both yards and meters to fit either choice. If that’s not nearly enough it additionally has 1/10 of yard capacities for harmful exact analyses.

One thing I should state is just how promptly it grabs the flagstick. A brilliant rangefinder and also a deserving addition to my finest budget plan golf rangefinders list.

The Nexus just recently dropped in price by around $50. It was selling for a long period of time around $199.99, which is still a really fair price I assume.

2. Laserworks LW1000 PRO Professional-Class Laser Hunting Rangefinder

best cheap rangefinder golf-2

Well, for this rangefinder, all I can say is that it looks good, but the features were even better. As I tried the Laser Works LW1000Pro, it revealed a lot of qualities that make it a good choice for hunters.

If you thought it couldn’t get any smaller, here’s a rangefinder that can embarrass a candy bar for its length! This rangefinder will be a good sports partner for all hunters and golfers too! Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Many users claim that the features of this rangefinder are much more in value than the price of this device. However, we set out to judge it ourselves, and all that we observed is that it is compact, accurate, and yes, good for the price!

The unique modes of LaserWorks LW1000PRO display vertical and horizontal distances. This feature makes it a golfer’s weapon as it helps assess the trajectory, this model is our highly recommend.

3. Callaway Pro 300

best cheap rangefinder golf-3

Callaway is just one of the most widely known club suppliers around and also continues to introduce and bring outstanding brand-new clubs to the marketplace. Yet you would not place them as a rangefinder, specifically as one of the most effective budget golf rangefinders makers.

The Callaway 300 (Amazon Affiliate Link). gives you a +/- 1-yard accuracy up to 1000 yards with 6x range zoom. You can check the landscape and acquire numerous yardages to multiple targets like trees, hazards, bunkers, and so on.

The 300 has what Callaway calls P.A.T which stands for Pin Acquisition Technology that can lock right into a pin from 300 yards away. The Callaway 300 Pro (Amazon Affiliate Link) executes exceptionally well considering the rate.

When you obtain locked onto the pin you obtain a chirp that seems like a bird. This allows you recognize you are secured onto the pin. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

It seems like Callaway’s response to the JOLT (Bushnell) Pulse (Precision Golf) that emits a little resonance to reveal you are locked onto the target.

Callaway calls this their ‘Birdie’ feature. I’m not a substantial follower of it, to be truthful, and I would certainly instead of the resonance notice you hop on the Precision NX7 Pro or Bushnell V4.

When you are seeking among the best economical golf rangefinders you’d think that having slope wouldn’t also be a choice. Well a few years earlier, I would certainly think it wasn’t actually possible.

But with so much even more competition around, rangefinders appear to be obtaining more affordable and much better. Excellent information for us right.

I was extremely shocked at the sensible price of the Callaway 300 (Check on Amazon Here). Specifically when Callaway is well known to be a premium golf manufacturer that seems to get more and more pricey every year.

The Callaway 300 is very nicely priced and just makes my best golf rangefinders under 200 by a nose, being available at $199.99. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

4. TecTecTec VPro 500S

best cheap rangefinder golf-4

No surprise here that the TecTecTec VPro 500S (Amazon SP Link) made my best budget golf rangefinders reviews list. It succeeds in the TecTecTec VPro 500 which I was always a huge fan of.

You can call me out on this but I think TecTecTec was one of the first companies out there that took on the big brands by offering a high-quality rangefinder but at budget prices, and succeeded with the VPro 500.

TecTecTec isn’t one of these cheap import brands that come in with a ridiculously low priced rangefinder and disappear the following year. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

They are here to stay and have been delivering amazing rangefinders for years now. They keep it simple, with limited options, and I love that. Similar to the guys at Precision Pro Golf.

The TecTecTec Vpro 500S (Check Price On Amazon) performs amazingly when you consider it’s the price and having the added slope feature. It’s very quick and offers accurate readings.

In 2019, TecTecTec upgraded its rangefinders‘ performance. It now has a yardage range up to 540 yards and advanced pin sensor technology.

The new pin seeker technology has faster and more accurate reading overlapping subjects like hazards and trees and locating the flagstick.

With the VPro 500S, you get 1-yard accuracy yardages with the option for yards/meters.

The Slope feature on the 500S works really well. Right now it’s an extra $20 for the VPro 500S (SP) compared to the standard VPro 500 (Review Post).

In my opinion, it’s well worth the added investment I think for the slope version. Well, it depends on the type of player you are. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.


The WOSPORTS H-100AG (SP) Laser Rangefinder is an interesting one. I’m not sure will it be here next year and still be available.

I mentioned earlier about these sorts of import flash in the pan type of companies that will release a load of products and then disappear or rebrand after a few years.

But either way, the WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder seems to be sticking around and getting rave reviews for one of the cheapest rangefinders you can buy.

The WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder is really cheap but it’s ridiculously cheap when you consider the features it has.

For $109.99 you are getting a long list of features, that you see on some of the premium rangefinders – long yardage ranges, slope, vibration, etc.

The expectation here was a cheap rangefinder that does an ok job but might lack a little quality build or performance. But this wasn’t the case to my surprise.

The WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder is quite quick at picking up the flagstick and offers a yardage range up to 650 yards with 6x magnification. You can swap the yardage between meters and yards also.

WOSPORTS’ advanced flag acquisition technology filters out background objects like trees, bushes, bunkers, and mounts. This allows it to distinguish between trees and mounds and make sure it finds the flagstick.

Like many of the Bushnell models and the NX7 Pro, this offers a vibration when locked onto the pin. Again this is another feature that you see on the premium models. Hope this post could help you find the best cheap rangefinder for golf, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

However, the vibration pin seeker only works up to 180 yards which is a bit of a pity but not a deal-breaker. Remember this is a budget rangefinder, not a $500 rangefinder.


I hope this post was of help to you in finding a good budget rangefinder. These are the best cheap golf rangefinders that are worth considering in my opinion.

I actually hate to say that word ‘Cheap’. It reminds me of junk or low quality. These are cheap; but definitely not junk.

These are the best budget rangefinders for golf you can buy right now. Don’t assume the quality of the rangefinder as soon as you see the price tag.

To learn more information about hunting and outdoors news, kindly visit our home page or our store, you will find more hunting tips and experiences. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Thanks for reading!

For me, hunting is already one of the most important things in my life. Every year I spend a long time on outdoor hunting with my friends. In my nearly 20 years of hunting lives, I have encountered many interesting things, and I would love to share it with you guys. Hope it could be useful during your hunting season.


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