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Best Night Vision Binoculars for Hunting Reviews: SOLOMARK Night Vision

Best Night Vision Binoculars for Hunting Reviews: SOLOMARK Night Vision

SOLOMARK digital night vision binoculars work a little bit in different ways from conventional night vision goggles.

Instead of the traditional photo intensifier tube that has actually been the foundation of night vision devices given that the 1930s, electronic night vision gadgets use a picture sensing unit similar to the one you would certainly find in a camera.

SOLOMARK field glasses are more affordable than also most Gen 1 goggles as well as are a lot more versatile because you can utilize them throughout the day and also in the evening. They likewise feature some great additional attributes like video recording as well as photo capture.

If you are seeking a traditional pair of night vision devices, read our reviews of the most effective night vision binoculars.

SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Specifications:

  • Display: 2″ TFT screen
  • Detection range: 433 yards
  • Magnification: 3.5x-7x optical zoom, 2x digital zoom
  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Type: Digital
  • Power supply: 8xAA batteries

SOLOMARK Night Vision Noteworthy Features

Infrared Sensitive CMOS Sensor

The CMOS sensing unit changes the picture intensifier tube made use of in conventional night vision goggles.

This change is just one of the greatest reasons why the SOLOMARK is less expensive than the majority of the conventional night vision field glasses.

Picture intensifier tubes are costly to produce while entire CMOS sensors are cheap thanks to the rapid innovation of video cameras.

The image sensing unit utilized in SOLOMARK safety glasses captures visible along with infrared light as well as refines the signal to create a markedly brighter photo. Hope this night vision binoculars reviews will help you understand it more, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Multi-coated optics boost picture intensity and reduce glow.

1,300 Feet Detection Range (433 Yards).

Though more affordable, SOLOMARK goggles have a much better array than Gen 1 binoculars. While many Gen 1 night vision field glasses struggle to see anything beyond 100 yards, you can see as much as 1,300 feet with SOLOMARK.

In fact, on a moon night or during the day, customers state the seeing variety is much even more than that. Things as huge as a house shows up from a half-mile away.

Like standard goggles, you need to be a lot closer to identify the smaller targets with clearness, especially during the night.

For evening searching, the typical recognition array (where you can favorably identify the target) is about 100 backyards.

That’s not like Gen 2 as well as 3-night vision safety glasses, however, it’s a big improvement over Gen 1 devices.

3.5x-7x Optical Magnification&2X Digital Zoom

Most night vision binoculars don’t offer any magnification. If you prefer getting a close-up view of whatever you are observing, SOLOMARK goggles offer plenty of zooms.

This includes 3.5x-7x optical magnification (no image deterioration)and 2x digital zoom (minimal deterioration).

Video and Image Capture

Yet another feature you don’t get in traditional night vision binoculars, and another reason to switch to digital goggles.

At the press of a button, you can record videos and take pictures. The media is stored in a removable SD card.

The binoculars come with a 4GB SD card, but you can get your own higher-capacity one (32GB max).

For data transfer, you can remove the SD card or connect the included USB cable to your computer.

It also comes with an AV cable if you want to view your photos and videos on a TV.

Day & Nighttime Use

Traditional night vision devices can only be used at night. SOLOMARK goggles are much more versatile – you can use them at any time.

At night, they provide the same functionality as night vision goggles. They illuminate a dark environment through the two eyepieces.

During the day, they provide excellent magnification. You can use them as normal binoculars to observe birds, wildlife, or a football game from the stands. Make sure the IR cap is on when you use them during the day. Hope this night vision binoculars reviews will help you understand it more, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Other Features

Built-in IR illuminator: When there is less light, use the IR illuminator to light up your environment. Choose from one of the three levels of IR, depending on how much ambient light there is.

Brightness levels: You can select from three display brightness levels.

Tripod adapter: Yes, you can use SOLOMARK binoculars on a tripod.

Accessories: A soft carrying case, neck strap, cleaning cloth, USB cable, and AV cable.

SOLOMARK Binoculars Limitations

Digital night vision has ways to go before it catches up to traditional image intensifier technology. So as good as the SOLOMARK binoculars are, they are not as good as Gen 2 and 3 goggles.

They have limited range and image resolution, especially in very low light situations.

For serious hunters and nighttime outdoor enthusiasts, a pricey Gen 2 or 3 pair of binoculars provides better imaging performance.

Other Top Selling Night Vision Binoculars Recommendation

1. Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binoculars

night vision binoculars reviews-4

Nighttime hunting and fishing become easy with these digital binoculars with a large 4-inch screen for comfortable viewing. Bestguarder NV-900 night vision can take clear pictures and has a recording function for taking videos, which are backed in the 32GB memory card that comes with the binoculars. You can pre-set it to start recording at a certain time in case you don’t want your presence to affect the animal’s natural behavior.

In full darkness, you can count on its infrared light to illuminate objects 1,300 feet away. What’s more, the infrared brightness level can be manually adjusted to reduce glare for better shooting. You can also turn the infrared off to get the best daytime color. For better image clarity, the unit allows for 5x digital zoom and 4.5x optical magnification. Bestguarder NV-900 night vision runs on eight AA alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH batteries.

Unfortunately, these binoculars are relatively expensive in comparison to other gadgets in its class. On top of that, the batteries are sold separately. Also, you may have to purchase a tripod stand to get clear images of objects beyond 200 feet. Hope these cheap night vision binoculars reviews could help you make the decision, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

2. Luna Optics Premium Night Vision Binocular

night vision binoculars reviews-3

You can definitely take the “Premium” part of the name of these night vision binoculars to heart – Luna Optics has put out a model that delivers in all of the necessary ways, including 3x magnification and a lightweight frame. Unlike some models, Luna Optics features comfortable and adjustable padded eye-cup, made from a soft rubber that is soft against your eyes.

These premium night vision binoculars are weather resistant and feature an IR illuminator that will keep your field of view lit even in extreme low-light conditions. Luna Optics delivers a high-quality image that surpasses much of what’s on the market thanks to intensifier tubes that increase ambient lighting to nearly 900 times.

For further usability, both barrels focus individually ensuring the image retains clarity no matter the conditions or the user.

3. Yukon Tracker Night Vision Binocular

night vision binoculars reviews-2

The Yukon Tracker may not offer the best magnification at only 2x normal vision, but their affordability and other functions make it a must-have, especially for people just starting out with night vision binoculars. One of the first notable features is the rubber “armor” that adds a level of protection against shock from dropping and weather.

Beyond durable, the Yukon Tracker features an IR illuminator that covers a range of up to 150 yards, ensuring even in low ambient lighting you’ll be able to see 2x ahead of you with clarity. To remain energy efficient, the IR system uses a “pulsing frequency” that illuminates dark spaces without draining the battery.

An Eclipse Lens Cover System includes flip-up covers that protect the lens but can be clipped on top of the body of the binoculars for added convenience. Each cap has a pinhole that allows the use of the binoculars during the day when the caps are closed.


If you were planning to get a Gen 1 night vision binocular, you might find SOLOMARK digital goggles to be a much better option.

night vision binoculars reviews-1

The imaging performance is better than most Gen 1 binoculars, and these digital goggles are so much more versatile.

The best part; they are cheaper than the average Gen 1 night vision binocular. Hope this night vision binoculars review could help you make the decision during the hunting season.

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