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Powerful Thermal Camera Tool in Blackview BV9800 Pro

Blackview BV9800 Pro is the first tough phone outfits with thermal imaging camera. It is born for serious adventures. In addition, BV9800 Pro is a multipurpose mobile phone with 4-in-1 versatility.

Built-in Thermal Imaging Camera

It’s very cool when you can see the heat! BV9800 Pro empowers you with that ability. BV9800 Pro has a built-in FLIR® Lepton® thermal imaging camera that locates the heat source and translates it into a thermal image that you can see, and measure.

By locating the heat source and translates it into a thermal image to see and measure, which can be used as a tool for control, diagnosis, or efficiency improvement and offers you immediately. What’s more, you can view the situation from a different perspective and measure a heat source of up to 400° C – even in complete darkness.

Easily spot well-camouflaged animals for wildlife photography. Find members of your group, even on the darkest night when haveing your outdoor camping activities. Or you can check for smoldering fires to ensure a peaceful sleep.

What’s more, the thermal camera of BV9800 Pro aims to help first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote industrial efficiency, and innovate consumer-facing technologies. Knowing the BV9800 Pro has the genuine FLIR thermal cameras brings peace of mind that it will work right, every time.

Night-Shot Model

With night shot mode, BV9800 Pro tracks low-light and night time photography effortlessly. It presents incredible images in every setting even when daylight fades and night draws in.

Looking for a pro-photography version? Check out the BV9800 pro option. BV9800 Pro, including the superb Sony® 48MP triple camera, with no thermal camera. Designed for ultra-clarity, the 48MP Sony® lens is paired with advanced algorithms and masterful MediaTek Helio P70 AI to capture great detail in every photo, while the 16MP ultra-wide angle lens is perfect for the landscape photos and macro shots and the 5MP lens achieves a beautiful bokeh effect in your photos.

GPS & GLONASS & BEIDOU & Air Pressure Detection

Imagine, you are closely following your navigation into the forest, suddenly you lose your signal, now you are lost and without a map. Not with the BV9800! Equipped with satellite-based GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, and air pressure detection, your phone will be more reliable than ever.

Blackview BV9800 Pro

IP68|IP69K Rated Waterproof & MIL-STD-810G

Rugged phone Blackview BV9800 Pro is an ultra-rugged smartphone that’s strong, tough and reliable, with IP68/IP68K & [MIL-STD-810G] credentials, waterproof up to 1.5m for 30 minutes, drop-proof up to 1.5m, and 360° all-round dustproof, can effectively reduce broken screen situation. Moreover, this Dual SIM unlocked smartphone was born to withstand extreme temperatures between -22°F (-30 ° C) and 122°F (50 ° C).

Blackview BV9800 Pro
Blackview BV9800 Pro

It is now available on with limited time discount price!

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