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Latest Ulefone Armor 9 Super Rugged Smartphone Unboxing Review 2020

Ulefone Armor 9 Rugged Smartphone is the latest model of Ulefone and it features the industry’s most respected FLIR® Lepton® thermal imaging and it supports endoscope for daily house inspection. In addition, Armor 9 is the best rugged phone model from Ulefone in 2020.

It is an unlocked rugged phone which built strong to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling while you are in outdoors or adventures.

Check the below video for a quick unboxing review of Ulefone Armor 9 Rugged Smartphone:

Specifications of Ulefone Armor 9 Tough Mobile Phone

Color: Black
OS: Android 10.0
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
CPU: Helio P90(MT6779)
GPU: IMG [email protected]
Screen: 6.3-inch FHD+
ROM: 128GB
Max Extension: Expandable up to 2TB (not included)
Camera: (Rear) 64MP+5MP(Secondary camera for the FLIR thermal imaging function)+2MP
Battery: 6600mAh
Charger: 100~240V/EU plug
Dual SIM: Dual sim dual standby
Multiple Languages: YES
Google Play Store: Yes Support
OTG: Yes Support
NFC: Yes Support
Face Unlock: Yes Support
FM Radio: Yes Support
I/O Interface:Type C

Highlight Features of Ulefone Armor 9 Smartphone

Thermal Imaging Camera

The integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera with MSX technology on the Ulefone Armor 9 rugged phones can detect objects in the scene and create thermal images based on temperature abnormalities. The detection range is up to -10℃-400℃. It can simultaneously track temperature changes at up to 5 heat spots, and monitor regional temperatures. The thermal imaging camera can play an important role in outdoor adventures, wild electricity maintenance, pipeline maintenance, adventure, emergency rescue and etc.

Application Scenarios of Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Surveillance: See in total darkness, in parking structures, in alleys.
  • Search & Rescue: Help find missing persons, see-through smoke, and light brush.
  • Pest Control: Detect areas of potential entry points for rodents, find bee and hornet nests Outdoor Adventure: Safety determines if your campfire is out, find and track animals, and it can also find members of your party through foliage and in total darkness, check surroundings.
  • Home and Auto: Identify insulation problems, water leaks, window issues, plumbing problems, potential electrical connection issues, automotive issues such as misalignment, brake wear, heating, and cooling systems, heated seat problems.
  • Pipes & Ducts: Identify blockages in ventilation systems and pipework, measure the temperature of the furnace and water pipes.
  • Professional Use: Building repair, mechanics, electricians, home inspectors, construction industries all can view, create, and share reports right from their smartphone without the need for a computer.
Ulefone Armor 9 Rugged Smartphone
Endoscope Supported

Armor 9 rugged cell phone also features an external expansion port on the left bottom, which can connect to an endoscope. (Has to be purchased separately) An endoscope is a must-have practical tool for inspection or repair work, widely used for drain plumber checking, pipe checking, air conditioning detection, small openings viewing, automotive repair, wall circuit detection, as well as home application checking.

What’s more, the Armor 9 tough mobile phone is helping to see any blockage in the washbasin, auto exhaust pipe, and even in the air conditioner vent. It can be a troubleshooter for the majority of the blockage issues. In conclusion, it is useful for those, who need to check various hard-to-reach and narrow spaces, including pipes, HVACs, engines, air conditioners, and many other.

Ulefone Armor 9 Endoscope

The above two tools are useful for service workers, first responders, and travelers. Meanwhile, construction workers as well as first responders use a lot of technology these days, but many of their tools are bulky and usually cannot be substituted with something more compact.This is where the Ulefone Armor 9 comes into play.

6600mAh Long-Lasting Battery

Spend most of your time outdoors and hope your phone has good stamina? Don’t worry, Ulefone Armor 9 can satisfy your expectation. It packs with a 6600mAh battery inside and it can easily go for approximately 2 days between charges and can be fully charged in 3 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the battery power if you are at outdoors activities.

Samsung GW1 64MP Camera

Moreover, Armor 9 features Samsung GW1 64MP ultra-high resolution image sensor with Te-tracell and integrated 3D HDR technology. It can capture more detailed images and video even in a mixed and challenging lighting environment. Besides, it supports underwater photography mode, you can easily capture every stunning moment whether you are swimming or diving.

Helio P90 Processor

Armor 9 tough smartphone is powered by the most powerful P-Series SoC from MediaTek, Helio P90 which comes with 4.6 times higher performance than Helio P60 & P70 so that you can breeze through any task while maintaining power efficiency. so there is almost no lag when loading up apps and switching between most apps.

Where to buy Ulefone Armor 9?

Ulefone Armor 9 rugged smartphone are IN STOCK on with LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT.

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